Keyboard Corner: KROM KAEL

Krom_Kit-CreeThe Keyboard Corner is back! Today’s keyboard review is by Kit Cree, a French and Spanish to English translator. Kit is reporting on her favourite keyboard, a mechanical keyboard by KROM for gamers – and translators and editors, too!

  1. Keyboard make, model and price:

KROM KAEL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Spanish). It cost me about €80 three years ago in a Black Friday sale from a local computer store although this model is no longer available. Krom do stock a large range of similar keyboards, and the Kernel TKL is reasonably priced at around €50 although more basic.

  1. Description:

I bought this model because I wanted a hard-wearing mechanical keyboard and realised that the best ones were being produced for gamers. I was initially put off by the rainbow light patterns and planned to switch them off, but I haven’t found them at all off-putting. This one has a hand rest which I like.

  1. My last keyboard was…

Trust. Nothing special, membrane.

  1. Why I changed to the Krom:

I had to change keyboards every couple of years because I was wearing out the letters printed on the keys. I had a mechanical keyboard a long time ago and, in an endeavour to improve my posture, avoid repetitive strain injuries and generally upgrade my equipment, I went out looking for a mechanical keyboard and let myself be guided by a shop assistant.

  1. What I love about my keyboard:

The satisfying typing noise; not too much effort to type. I have no idea how this keyboard sizes up for gamers, but I type A LOT. So far, three years on, no wear on the keys. I can still read all the letters!

Plus, you can give it a good spring clean when needed. Tip: take a photo before removing the keys!


  1. What I dislike about this keyboard:

As a left-hander, I’d love a Spanish keyboard with the number pad on the LEFT. But this is a bugbear of mine with all keyboards, not just the Krom.

Kit_CreeAbout Kit Cree

I have been a freelance translator for almost twenty years, translating academic texts and technical documents mainly, from French and Spanish into English. I’ve never counted how many words I translate a year, but it is not a small number. 

Over to you

If you use this Krom keyboard or have any questions about it, please leave a comment below.

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