By way of introduction

Welcome to my new blog!

After reading lots about “Why you should be blogging” and “Why you shouldn’t be blogging” I’ve finally decided to take the plunge. Karen Tkaczyk very nearly succeeded in putting me off a couple of weeks ago with her excellent guest post on The case against bloggingI earnestly went through her checklist for a successful blog and as a result, I can now announce that my blog will be:

  • Uncommon (among the first in its field)

While there is a wealth of translators’ blogs for newbies with sound advice about how to find clients, avoid payment problems, get involved in social media, etc., I haven’t found quite so many blogs about medical translation, Spanish language terminology and pharma regulatory news. Those are the subjects I’m going to blog about. Would they count as uncommon?

  • Regular (have a predictable posting pattern)

Don’t worry. I won’t keep you on tenterhooks. I’ve got stacks of ideas in my head, although I must confess that those first twenty posts that Karen recommends haven’t been drafted yet.

  • Novel (give something new)

Another area I’m going to write about is software tips and tricks for translators, mainly focused on SDL Trados. So many questions are repeatedly posted on TC, ProZ and Yahoo forums that I thought I’d write some “sticky” answers. You know the sort of questions I’m talking about: tag soups, font sizes, wandering Trados templates and empty TMs. There will be some ideas for advanced users too, but I expect that much will be old hat for experienced translators out there. So, in a nutshell, not novel but necessary.

  • Entertaining or Instructive (make you laugh or learn something)

I’m not very sure about this one. Really, there isn’t much to laugh about with medicine and Trados. But I’ll try and keep it entertaining, even if it doesn’t quite fall into the category of side-splitting humour. And yes, I think it will be instructive.

My first “proper” post will be on resources for medical translators.

Speak to you soon.

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