Please complete my ergonomics survey!

I’m running a survey on workstation ergonomics and health among translators and editors. How do long hours at the computer affect you? Tell me in the survey.

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Trados Studio 2022

Every other year, Trados developers announce a new Studio version in our beta-testing forum and we enthusiastically download a series of builds over the course of several weeks, until a fully fledged release candidate appears, ready for launch to the wider world. Trados Studio 2022 has arrived, two years since Trados Studio 2021 appeared on the scene. Here is a review of the changes it brings, starting with the disappearance of the name-date paradox.

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Ambulance logistics and linguistics

As a medical translator with a background in nursing, I was delighted when my son Leo chose to train as an emergency medical technician (EMT) and join the Madrid ambulance service. He’s shown me round various ambulances and we often chat about trauma, technology and terminology. This March, I got the opportunity to find out how his experiences, and the terms he and his colleagues use, differ from their counterparts in the UK. I stepped on board a UK ambulance for a guided tour by my friend Jon Murrell, a paramedic practitioner stationed at Redhill, in Surrey. We spent the afternoon packing and unpacking equipment, locking and unlocking drug storage systems, opening and closing carry chairs and other transfer devices, and over a coffee we thrashed out the pros and cons of English and Spanish ambulance crew training, logistics and communications.

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AntConc version 4: first impressions

A new version of AntConc was released at the end of last year. I spotted the announcement on Twitter and was quick to download and start testing the tool, taking advantage of some downtime over the holidays. Read on for a report on my initial findings, some delightful discoveries and the odd little niggle.

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Keyboard Corner: KROM KAEL

Krom_Kit-CreeThe Keyboard Corner is back! Today’s keyboard review is by Kit Cree, a French and Spanish to English translator. Kit is reporting on her favourite keyboard, a mechanical keyboard by KROM for gamers – and translators and editors, too! Read more…

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Trados Business Manager v6: a rebranded, reinvented app


Although RWS acquired SDL last November, the visible switch from gaudy green to tranquil teal happened just a few weeks ago. And along with the rebranding, we have a reinvented app: Trados Business Manager Essential.

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Endometriosis: disease, disorder or condition?

Last week a colleague asked the Twittersphere whether endometriosis is a disease, disorder or condition. Always keen to accept a challenge, I went off to investigate. Join me on my journey down the rabbit hole!

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SDL Trados Live

Continuing from last week’s blog post about the new Studio 2021, here’s a post all about SDL Trados Live (Essential edition), a system for translating files in your browser that comes bundled as a 12-month package with your perpetual Studio 2021 license. It’s very green but has huge potential. First, I’ll explain how to translate in SDL Trados Live; then, I’ll talk about why you might or might not want to use it. Read more…

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SDL Trados Studio 2021: Minor improvements and a game changer

SDL Trados Studio 2021 has arrived! As a beta team member, I’ve spent almost three months testing new features, catching bugs and suggesting improvements. Here’s my low-down on the new SDL Trados Studio 2021. Read more…

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Photo highlights of my METM19 experience

Here’s my review of METM19, the 15th Mediterranean Editors & Translators Meeting, held 26-28 September in Split, Croatia. Attendees chose which workshops and talks to attend and which social activities to take part in. We made some choices months in advance and others on the spot. Everyone’s METM19 was unique. The photo gallery below is a report of my METM19 experience. Read more…

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