BMJ Learning: 10th anniversary offer

BMJ LearningA quick heads-up about a BMJ Learning offer. The BMJ (British Medical Journal) has a separate CME/CPD platform called BMJ Learning. It’s 10 years old this year and for 10 days (until 27th November) you can get free access to over 1000 learning modules, plus a discount on  subscriptions taken out before 16th December.

I heard about the offer through an EMWA tweet a couple of days ago and have spent some time browsing the huge range of modules available, which are classified by specialty (cardiology, paediatrics, etc.) and by profession (GPs, foundation programme doctors, nurses, etc.). You can also view modules by format or most popular.

This morning I watched a 10-minute video on antibiotic resistance. It was an interesting recap on the latest news and best practices on antibiotic use in clinical medicine.

You might find another module fits in well with what you’re translating right now.

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5 Responses to BMJ Learning: 10th anniversary offer

  1. Wow, this is a great resource, thanks Emma!

    • Hi Jayne, yes, I’m excited about this discovery too! It’s a great chance to access quality learning resources, and I like the fact that references to BMJ journal articles in the modules have been given free access for this period too.
      As you mentioned in your recent blog post, MOOCs offer a great learning opportunity too. I did a Coursera course on Statistics last year and another on Writing in the Sciences. Both extremely worthwhile.

  2. Thanks Emma! I have just had time to enjoy a couple of 10 minute sessions (including the one on antibiotic resistance) and thought they were very informative. Wish I had known about it sooner, but am now considering getting out a subscription!

    • Glad you found it useful, Bronwen! I managed to fit in a two-hour module on genomics before the 10-day offer ran out. I’m also planning on subscribing to BMJ Learning. The content is great!

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