Upcoming webinars for medical translators

ecg_ecpdFollowing my double webinar session in September on EMA templates, fellow medical translator Jason Willis-Lee is also giving two presentations for eCPD Webinars, on Diabetes, cholesterol and triglycerides and The ECG made easy. I attended the ECG session live at METM16 last week and thoroughly recommend it. Read what Jason has to say about his upcoming webinars…

Do you work in the endocrinology and cardiology fields? Do you want to be sure of your terminology choices? Would you like a bigger picture of these fields? If the answer to these questions is yes, then these webinars may well be for you!

The first webinar is called Diabetes, Cholesterol and Triglycerides: the big picture for medical translators and editors. It will be hosted at eCPD Webinars on Thursday 27th October at 3 pm (CET) and covers the following topics:

  1. Anatomy-histology
  2. Hormones
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Complications
  5. Treatment
  6. Cholesterol-triglycerides
  7. Knowledge check – case studies
  8. Further reading and resources
  9. Q & A

The second webinar is called The ECG Made Easy. This one will be on Thursday 3rd November at 3 pm (CET) and is suitable for both beginner and more advanced translators/editors who work on cardiology reports that contain ECG traces. I will discuss terminology for key parts of the ECG such as the PQ interval, QRS complex and ST segment. The session is practically oriented with several live ECG traces of common cardiac pathology to study. The content line up looks something like this:

  1. Rhythm
  2. Rate
  3. Axis
  4. Waves and intervals
  5. Knowledge check
  6. Further reading and resources
  7. Q & A

Both recordings include a detailed knowledge check of the topics covered, also available online after the event. Emma has also very kindly agreed to allow me to field further Q&A on her blog after both events.

If you have any queries, please use the comments below. I hope to see you at one or both webinars!

jason_profile_1Jason Willis-Lee, MITI, graduated in physiology after training as a doctor for over three years at Bristol Medical School including one year’s full hospital training. He put in a brief stint as a clinical research associate before switching into applied linguistics and earning a postgraduate diploma in translating and interpreting from the University of Bath. He now works full time in Madrid as a freelance Med Pharm translator in the Spanish-English and French-English language pairs. He was a workshop facilitator and speaker at the recent MET (Mediterranean Editors and Translators) annual conference held in Tarragona, Spain. 


Thanks, Jason. And if anyone is looking for even more medical CPD, there’s another one-hour eCPD Webinar lined up for 10th November, called Introduction to Human Anatomy. Check it out!

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  1. Nikolaos says:

    hi, can we find the recored of this webinar please? thanks in advance

  2. Hi Nikolaos. Thank you for your comment. Here’s the link to the live recording: https://www.ecpdwebinars.co.uk/downloads/diabetes-cholesterol-and-triglycerides-the-big-picture-for-medical-translators-and-editors/
    The video will go up on the eCPD webinars website a few days later for download. Thanks and best regards, Jason Willis-Lee MITI

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