Two webinar videos on EMA templates

medicinal-productsDo you want to learn how to use EMA-QRD templates in your medicinal product translation work? Have you been translating them for a while but still have some niggling doubts whether you’re doing it right? Would you like to get a better grip of the technological side of these translations? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then these webinar recordings will be right up your street!

The first video is called EMA templates and EU terminology for medical translators – the Basics. It’s a recording of a webinar I gave in September 2016 and it’s hosted at eCPD Webinars. The webinar covers the following topics:


The second video, also recorded in September 2016, is called Beyond the Basics. If you watched the first session, you’ll be ready for this one – it’s not just for more experienced medical translators. In this video, I discuss possible solutions to translation problems, share some technical tips on harnessing essential resources and run through some important quality assurance checks. The outline looks like this:


If you have any questions, write a comment below, and when you sign up, let me know!

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17 Responses to Two webinar videos on EMA templates

  1. Eileen Cartoon says:

    Are these 1 hour webinars or are they longer?

    • Good question, Eileen! I forgot to mention the time. They’re one-hour webinars, although we might got over slightly if there are lots of questions at the end!

  2. Malin Skillby says:

    Hello! This sounds interesting! But that first link doesn’t seem to work?

  3. nheidairam says:

    Great! Will we have a link for access or dowload the recorded seminars?

    • Yes, everyone who registers gets access to the recording, so they can watch the webinar again or for the first time if they can’t attend live. The link to the video goes up immediately after the webinar.
      [Edited after reading Lucinda Brook’s comment below]

  4. lucindabrooks says:

    Actually Emma, the recording of your webinar is uploaded immediately to Gotowebinar and anyone who has paid for the seat at the live session has access to it – usually within 6 hours.
    That version of the recording stays on the Gotowebinar site for at least 3 months, very often much longer than that.
    It’s the elibrary that takes the time. We usually add webinars to our elibrary a couple of weeks after the live webinar has taken place. These are two different streaming hosts. The first for live webinars is Gotowebinar, and the second, for our elibrary videos, is different in that they remain on your account for all time.

    • Thanks for the clarification, Lucy. Great to hear that people get immediate access to the recording and continued access for at least 3 months after that.

  5. Andrea Liebe says:

    Are these webinars also intended for translators with target languages other than English?

  6. Titia Meesters says:

    Thanks Emma, great initiative! I will try to attend the second webinar. Best regards, Titia.

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