Video interview on “The Successful Linguist”

The Successful Linguist
Going off at a tangent today, I’d like to share an interview that I did for Moira Monney on her blog, The Successful Linguist. Moira has launched an exiting series of video interviews with translators, to get to know them at a personal level and also to discuss interesting topics for new and seasoned translators alike. She asked me what I think about:

  • finding your first clients
  • agencies versus direct clients
  • specialisation
  • setting your translation rates
  • CAT tools
  • work/life balance

Click on the picture below if you’re interested in any of these topics and find out what I had to say!

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8 Responses to Video interview on “The Successful Linguist”

  1. paulfilkin says:

    Great interview Emma… I have no idea why you don’t think you’d be a good presenter! I think you come across really well… and even though we’ve been chatting on and off for a year or so now I really do feel as though I know you now!

    • Thanks, Paul. Actually it was some 4 yrs ago when we discussed a possible presentation at an SDL roadshow in Madrid. I’m more confident now at a professional level, plus I’ve got a few webinars tucked under my belt so maybe that comes over in the interview? It doesn’t change me as a person, though. I’m still an introvert at heart!

      • paulfilkin says:

        Wow… how time flies! You come across as very confident and relaxed… but I can relate to what you’re saying. Maybe we can discuss it again soon?

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  3. Shai Navé says:

    A great and interesting interview.
    I find it very interesting to learn about the background and path that lead someone to becoming a translator, and your story is really nice.

  4. Thanks for sharing your experiences and your wisdom!

  5. Many thanks Shai and Lucía for your positive feedback!

  6. Nelida K. says:

    Loved it. More than anything, the face-to-face feeling and listening to you talk, with your lovely British accent (which I lost waaaay back, as a teenager, after a year of senior high school in the U.S., to the chagrin of my then British English teacher, [smile]). Thanks for sharing.

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