EDQM standard terms: New interface and free access

logoIn November, the EDQM (European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & Healthcare) launched a new version of its Standard Terms database. Access is now free of charge (it used to cost €70), which is good news for new medical translators and those who hadn’t accessed the database until now. It’s a little tricky to reach the new Standard Terms, and both new and old users have to complete the same registration process, so I thought it would be useful to share some step-by-step instructions. 

What is the Standard Terms database?

It’s a list of dosage forms, routes and methods of administration, and packaging information applied to medicinal products for human and veterinary use. These standard terms are mandatory in the EU when you translate marketing authorisation applications and product information (summary of product characteristics and labelling).

Registration process

  1. Create a user account at EDQM Publications. You’ll be sent a password to your registered email address. You can skip this step if you have access to the old Standard Terms because you already have an EDQM account.
  1. Now you need to get another password for the Standard Terms. Use your email address and account password to log on at the same EDQM Publications page.
  1. Go to “Free access”, tick the box next to “Subscribe to Standard Terms Online” and click “Register”:

free access

  1. Now go to “List my registered products”. Under “Publication EPID”, click the long ID for Standard Terms Online (Free Access 2014) and wait for a new email.

request login

  1. When you receive the new Standard Terms password, go to https://standardterms.edqm.eu and enter your email and new password. The login area is tucked up at the top of your screen:


  1. You’ve got there! You should be on the News page:


Note: I wrote the above steps after I’d completed the registration process myself, based on my experience and drawing on useful advice posted in an ITI MedNet forum thread on this topic. I can’t guarantee these instructions work. If you have problems, check out the Electronic Publications Helpdesk FAQ and, if necessary, contact EDQM for further assistance through the link on the same page.

Old users

The old database is still accessible at the moment but it’s no longer updated, so make sure you register for the new database and start using it now.

New users

All in all, the free access to the new EDQM Standard Terms is excellent news for translators who are just starting out in the medical field and for anyone who has been translating marketing authorisation applications and product information without using this resource.

Remember, the EDQM Standard Terms are mandatory in these fields. Now, with free access, there’s no excuse not to use them.

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9 Responses to EDQM standard terms: New interface and free access

  1. sierramar says:

    Thank you very much. As usual, an extremely useful entry for all medical translators :-).

  2. Audrey says:

    Thank you, Emma, for this useful information. I’ve shared your post!

  3. Anna Romero says:

    Dear Emma, such a useful post! I followed the steps and it does work. A definitely “must” post for medical and veterinary translators! Thanks so much Emma, Anna.-

  4. Luisa Ramos says:

    How can I send you a hug of appreciation? Fantastic!

  5. Alison Quayle says:

    Many thanks for this helpful guide, Emma.
    A couple of points that others may find useful:
    – if you’re searching for the UK when entering your address, you’ll find it between Gibraltar and Greece. Presumably they changed it from Great Britain but forgot to change the order.
    – to change your password from the random one you’ve been sent, go to the https://www.edqm.eu/register/index.php page, click on My account, and fill in your choice of new password in the two blank password boxes – don’t put in the old one.

    • Thanks for these tips, Alison. They’ll be helpful for any Brits who get lost on the registration page, and anyone who wants to change their password.

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  8. Katy Robinson says:

    Thank you for this helpful guide!

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